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    Bunk or Shutdown

    Nobody I know can figure this out, of you guys can help, Id seriously appriciate it.

    I'm 25, 6'1", 205 lbs. Been consistently training hard for 4 years with little to no results, had trainers etc. Nothing worked. got bloodwork done, my test is naturally in the 400s, but estrogen about 200. About a year ago I started taking 100-200mg of test enanthate a week, just to see if I could finally start bulking up, no luck. Have been taking that off and on for about a year, (never off for more than 2 weeks) and before that I was taking BS cream. (that was all I could get ahold of) About 2 months ago a friend of mine wrote up a whole cycle, meal plan etc. With "pentadex 300" 1-1.5ml 300mg and Half a 1mg pill of arimadex twice a week. I felt like superman for the first month (first consistent morning wood in years) upping weight in the gym, looking a little bigger, then start to feel more normal and kinda crappy again by month 2. (Mid-cycle I started getting really achy all over, so I'm thinking my estrogen was too low, sure enough, stopped Arimadex, achiness went away) anyway, just got my blood work done, 4days after my last 1.25mg pentadex injection. Test is at 150 and estrogen is at 200... Wtf is wrong with me? Was that BS placebo the whole time? Maybe because I've left the vial in the car when weather got down to about 30 and once or twice when it was over 80? I'm more woman than man! Help!
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    U did not inject 1.25 mg, 1.25 ml. But if your total test was 150 ng/dl in that pentadex cycle, its fake. Pentadex is 4 types testo and should deliever fast and slow results.
    And whats your e2 unit? pmol/l or pg/ml?. But 200 is pretty high nomatter unit.
    From your stats it doesn look like you are too fat for test. You sure your total test was 150 ng/dl? Its very strange cause if its fake your e2 should not be that high.
    Your natural semilow test should not be relevant on how you react on testinjections.

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    Both. Bunk gear AND shutdown.

    You really need to stop playing with steroids they really aren't something to be taken lightly.

    Get yourself some HCG , clomid and Nolva and run a power PCT. Google Dr Scallys power pct and then get some bloodwork 6-8 weeks after the end of pct and see where you are at.

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    Took first dose of Hcg yesterday but only have 2 doses left till I'm out, so Im thinking I'll take em EOD. But I do have clomid and femoxtal(nolva) so I will start this all tomorrow. Hopefully only 3 doses Hcg EOD will still have an effect.. Then I'll continue with the clomid and nolva and get labs done again
    Thanks for the help,
    Hope I didn't screw myself up too much..

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    Are you testing estrogen or estradoil?
    My guess is you are testing total estrogen.
    If your estradoil was 200 you would most likely have gyno.
    You should have been taking the sensitive estradoil test.

    You really should educate before you medicate.

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    What was the LH value?

    This is really what can definitely tell you if it bunk.

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