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    2nd cycle input (test p, tren a)


    I'm about to start my second cycle in a couple of months and I'm considering doing test p and tren a. My first cycle was almost precisely one year ago and was a 500mg/ew test e only cycle for 12 weeks. I ate like crazy the first 8 weeks and basically everything I could get my hands on so I didn't count macros or calories but I now for a fact that i ate way above maintenance. After about 8 weeks I started getting sloppy but at the end of the cycle I had gained 22 pounds, most of wich was water and fat of course. The only sideeffect I got was some pretty severe bloating but I didn't use any AI and my diet was not on point.

    Anyways, now im ready to get on my second cycle and I would like to get some input on my dosages and diet. My intention is to do a lean bulk.

    Here are my stats:
    Age: 20
    Weight: 172lbs, pretty lean
    Been training for about 4 years

    Bench: 220*1
    Deadlift: 285*1
    Squat: 308*4

    Meal 1 - 180g eggwhites, 150g oats, ~40g peanutbutter, ~80g whey, 1 banana

    Meal 2 - 100g chickenbreast, 200g rice, 100g broccolli, 50g black beans, 50g corn

    Meal 3 - 100g chickenbreast, 200g rice, 100g broccolli, 50g black beans, 50g corn

    Meal 4 - 180g eggwhites, 250g rice

    Meal 5 - 100g chickenbreast, 200g rice, 100g broccolli, 50g black beans, 50g corn

    Meal 6 - 150g-200g of whatever meat I wish to eat with 200g rice/pasta/potatoes

    Meal 7 - 180g eggwhites, ~80g whey

    Meal 8 - Tuna/cottage cheese/quark/shake, and some casein before bed

    I will also try to get a midnight caseinshake in if I can manage to wake up.

    This sums up to ~4044 calories, ~398g protein, ~462g carbs, ~66g fat

    Now for my cycle I will start off with 40mg tren a ed the first week to see how i react. If I feel like I react good on it I'll bump it up to 60mg ed for 4 weeks. If I still feel like I can handle the sides I'll bump it up to 80mg ed for 3 more weeks. I'll be running 40mg of test p ed for 12 weeks aswell as about 0.5 arimidex e3d. PCT will be a 40/40/20/20 nolvadex with 2000ui of hcg e5d for 4 weeks after the last test shot.

    Do you think its a good idea to go as high as 80mg tren on my first time ever trying tren even if I can handle the sides? How does my macros look and are my calories high enough? I've read that you can eat like a beast on tren and still not gain much fat, so do you thing I could bump up my calories by 500 without adding too much fat on?

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    A few things

    Your too young for steroids imo
    Your pretty light for a 6ft male imo
    Tren is an advanced and strong compound imo, and it should be like cycle 5ish when you try it, theres other compounds to mess with first.

    I think you need to dedicate your time and efforts on your diet. Its all good and well laying a nice diet out, but sticking to it everyday is different, and thats what you need to try and discipline yourself to do.

    Good luck

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    Your scrawny for 6 foot, why lean bulk? if your going to bulk do it.

    Touching AAS at 20 is a bad idea. Touching any 19-nor at the age of 20 is that much worse.

    At 20 and 172lbs the only thing you should need is food, however if your going to do it anyway, I think tren is a bad idea imo for what it's worth.

    Test P and Tren A, your taking a lot of pins for a newbie. If your keeping your estrogen in check there is no reason why a longer ester test wouldn't work fine for you.

    Eat food, cycle when your HPTA is more developed.

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    agreed with the rest that you are too young for about to turn 44 and I didn't cycle till I was 36 because if I ****ed myself up I am at an age where TRT was an acceptable eventual outcome for me, but to be honest I wish I never touched the stuff...yea I look great but looking back I don't believe the risk was worth the reward as I am now looking at health issues that are starting to pop up now years later...remember you may feel like you bounced back and recovered after a cycle but if you keep cycling it will catch up to you and I cant even imagine at 20 years old how you will be doing at 30...good luck...

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    Good advice man... Same reason I waited until now (34).

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    I agree with everyone above!!! I still don't understand why anyone under the age of 26 is cycling??? And to top it off, using Tren on 2nd cycle. We are not trying to be a**holes here, just trying to look out for you. I've been on TRT for 3 years now and I'm 41. I wish I had people telling me not to do AAS at 22. Good luck.

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