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    Suggestion for weight loss before AAS cycle

    Stats - 5'6 Weight: 178 Age:24 (yes I started to younger than most but respect my decision) BF: I don't know the number but it is a little higher than what I would like before beginning this cycle.
    Training for 4 years and have gone from 130lbs to where I am now.

    Previous Cycles:
    1st- Test E200mg -12 weeks pct followed properly
    2nd Test E400mg - 12 weeks pct followed properly
    3rd Test E 400/ Decca 300mg - Didn't like Decca (could have been other factors but wasn't a good cycle for me). But after this cycle I started doing blasting and cruising and have been for a year. UNTIL I was blindsided with a surgery...
    4th- Test E 400mg/Tren A 50mg EOD/ Winny 50mg ED(only 8 weeks)
    * Tren A was eventually switch to Tren Blend 200mg Ew due to me being a B**** about poking everyday and the i tolerated the compound really well*

    Planned Cycle:
    Test C 200mg EW
    Tren Ace - 50mg EOD for 1st week (get things going)
    Tren Blend - 300mg EW
    *May use new DVDs coming in so the blend would be substituted for Tren E and Test C to T400 from them*
    Aromasin - 25mg ED
    Prami- will begin building it up once I begin the cycle, but hope to not need anymore than .25mg ED (I know everyone usually doses up to .5mg ED but I want to see how the sides are).
    NAC for liver
    Nolva and Clomid on hand too...

    Trying to lose weight (but not afraid to up as I go and see the changes in the mirror) so calories will be at 2500-2700 breakdown P:300 C:232 F:60.
    Here is my current meals layout:

    Meal 1- 570 Calories P:76 C:49 F:7
    1 large Brown Egg with Omega 3s
    Egg Whites 3 servings
    112g potatoes - hashbrowns
    10oz fat free milk
    2 scoops of chocolate protein
    *May Add if I need more fats (cheese - 110 calories P:7 C:1 F:2)

    Meal 2- 415 P:58 C: 39 F:2
    6oz Chicken Breast
    Blue Ribbon long grain white rice
    86g Broccoli

    Meal 3- 498 P:45 C:45 F:17
    8oz Tuna
    2 tbsp Miracle Whip Light
    Blue Ribbon white rice
    50g Avocado

    Meal 4 - Pre-workout Meal 265 P:44 C:14 F:2
    I don't like a whole of carbs - takes my edge off in the gym I feel.
    5oz Chicken
    50g White Rice

    Meal 5- 551 P:37 C:61 F:18
    5oz Salmon
    300g Sweet potatoes

    Before Bed casein protein 228 P:34 C:19 F:1

    Not going into to crazy detail bc this is not a log (yet :roll eyes
    training will be 3 on/1off 2on/1off
    Push,Pull, and Legs
    Then, obviously calves/abs protocol throughout the week. This program is from a coach I had prior to taking a break due to some large life changing events.

    Dependent on what I decide to do but will probably do fasted cardio am and another 15-20 min session before workout at night.

    Last bloodwork was taken October (endocrinologist); he put me on a try script but I haven't began taking it. I wanted to get the TRT due to my military affiliation before everyone says I'm 24 and don't need to blah blah blah...but I will do one prior to starting and everything from the previous was g2g beside free test (I came off a little bit to get the results I needed for the diagnosis). He even went as far as doing an MRI on my pituitary gland.

    The main reason I was wanting to post this is because I'm on the fence whether to do a clen /t3 protocol prior, to get the weight down before starting or interested in some peps to get me there. Russianstar suggested high frag combo with ipamorelin and CJC. I will say I DO NOT know protocol for peps mentioned and would need to have threads posted up along with my own research (yes I use the search engine). But was wanting feedback given my plan as a whole what would help me the best in achieving the best results as well as bang for buck$$$

    *Posted this on another forum I'm on but wanted to bring it here too*
    I may turn this into a log bc Ive been wanting to do one and get more involved with the forums.
    SO if you see a username you don't recognize thats why.
    If Ive violated anything please let me know and I will correct..

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    I would say, don't do a chemical weight loss. Just diet, train, and cardio to lower body fat.

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