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    What should i expect from this cycle ???

    Hello all, finished my last cycle of test e, equipoise , trenbolone e, and dbol a couple weeks ago.....been coasting on dbol since, and will continue this until I get my next cycle is a couple weeks. This is what I have planned:

    200mg test prop eod
    200mg tren acetate and
    25mg Proviron ed
    80 mg dbol ed for first two weeks (jumper)

    Oh, this is a twelve week cycle

    I have written down my stats/history before, not sure if you can see them, but if not lemme know and ill list em again.

    Thanks all!


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    This has bad idea in my opinion.

    Time on cycle + Time of PCT = Time off between cycles.

    Coasting on Dbol is not time off, its a bad idea.

    If you are on TRT then skip the PCT and go back to your TRT dose for the same amount of time you were on.

    Have you had bloodwork to check your health markers?

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    ^ i agree

    You ought to get your liver checked out running dbol for long periods of time

    Why are you coasting/cruising on dbol? Neverheard of it

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    Listen to these guys above. Seriously flawed idea. Whoever advised you to do this should be kicked in their shrunken testicals.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    ^^^^LOL Kel, you should be a poet.

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