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    SARMs: Looking for answers and feedback

    Sup guys, i've been reading and researching for a while in order to gather some informations.

    I want to deeply thanks this forum because it's legitimate when it comes to roids. That's why i really need your precious advices in order to decide about something that could injury my health (partially or not, it's still a risk and i better think twice before taking it).
    Sorry for the wall of text... i tried to be exhaustive.

    I'm in my middle 20 and i've been lifting for 1 year and half (almost two). This happened back when i was 17, then i got sick at the age of 19 and lost many pounds (i was feeling costantly weak, eating and throwing up, headaches and other nasty things... ). I just recently fixed my problem, it was caused by a rare infection i contracted during my holidays in egypt..i'll just skip this part and come to the point.
    I came back to the gym about 2-3 months ago, gained partially my weight back...and then i realized i wanted to cycle, just once, a short cycle that could give me the strenght and the pounds missed during my break.

    So i stuck to this and other forums, researched, asked to friends their thoughts, how to run a neat cycle and stuff.
    It looks easy you know... "inject some test, take some anavar \dbol , protect your liver, keep some aromas. handy, run your nova\clomid pct and pray your testo will get back to normal levels".

    Anyway considered the risks at my age and from what i apprended on this forum, i won't run a cycle of roids. I could loose to much, especially messing up with my testo, ****ing up the growth of some bones...

    Then i read about SARMs and i wonder "how the hell no one is abusing those amazing compounds".
    They pratically do wonders. Great effects everywhere, you could gain mass, strenght and lose fat with minimal sides that are easily managed by a mini pct, it's amazing!

    Where is the catch? What's the real deal?
    I actually do care about my body (both inside and outside), that's why i took a deeper look at those compounds, and all i found was a recurring name. Dylan Gemelli (Can i name him? edit if not allowed).
    I saw his videos, read his stuff and he really got some merchandising skills. I still can't like him tho. I don't know, i can't trust what he says..maybe it's just the face. I would trust him..but still...i can't!
    He looks like a fake certified trainer that prescribes cycles to people of all ages and redirect them to his own shop (or affiliates!).
    There are just few sarm shops out there and they all seem related to him.

    I'd rather hear some honest opinions from people that have nothing to gain from it and what they think about Sarms.
    Do they really work?
    Are they truly safe?
    Do they share the same risks applicated to a premature roids cycle?

    I'm not planning to run anything unless i get positive responses...and even in that case, i'll have to get blood works done and think about it a little more.

    That's the virtual cycle he prescribed to me

    1-12 sr9009 | 30 mg (split doses in 5mg each - 3 hours)
    1-12 lgd-4033 | 10 mg (in A.M.)
    1-12 mk-2866 | 25 mg (in A.M.)
    1-12 S4 | 50 mg (split doses, 25 A.M - 25 P.M.)
    1-12 GW-501516 | 20 mg before workout

    9-12 a good DAA
    2-12 i'd put here a mild liver detoxifier even though SARMs should not be hepatoxic

    PCT 4 weeks
    Clomid 50 / 25 / 25 / 25
    GW-501516 20 mg day
    MK-2866 25 mg day

    And here are my stats (goal is getting some mass and strenght, just to get back where i was, i don't really feel the need to rely on doping, it's all about my obsession for knowledge and such)
    171lbs/78kg (i aim to get to 202lbs/91-92kg 8% bf through the years...but a nice boost to 187lbs/85kg for the end of the summer would be amazing)
    8.5% bf (lucky enough my bf tends to be low...mainly due to ectomporh tratis)

    (I'm not even really sure the Clomid cycle is enough, but i don't know how hard they're going to shut you down... there are no specifics for the "minimal suppresion" corelated to side effects of SARMs)

    You know guys...maybe i'm wrong, dylan is a nice person and i just got a bad feel about him... that's why i'm questioning you.
    Thanks for the patience

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    Keep us posted on how you do. The only SARM I have used extensively has been OSTARINE and I wasn't impressed at all.

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    Sorry, probably not what you want to hear but you are too young for steroids or sarms .

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    The biggest issue with SARMs are that we can't answer your questions. They are experimental drugs (some of them being failed drugs that were dropped due to health risks). LGD and S4 did work for me; Ostarine was one of those drugs where I didn't notice much of a difference. That being said, the only perk to using them was that they are technically legal to buy as research chemicals (not for human use). That being said, I've gained much more from AAS, and if you overlook legality, SARMs are not at the point where they are worth it quite yet.

    Dylan Gemelli is an idiot who advertises different products for different forums or websites. He's one of the guys that stays shredded year round so people think they can trust what he's talking about. Do your own research, make your own decisions.

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