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    HGH blood test levels and questions

    Ok I'm 35 180lbs 13%bf and 5'9. I started to take 4iu of Hgh (somotropin) 2.5 weeks ago. I got a growth hormone level done prior to taking it and it was 3.7ng. I got a blood test done again 2 weeks into it. I took 4iu 1.5 hours prior to the test and my levels came back at 4.6ng. I have not got my igf levels done. What are your thoughts on this?

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    The normal HGH level for a male is <5ng/mL. So let's say that each 1ng/mL is 20% of maximum. Going from 3.7ng/mL to 4.6ng/mL is an 18% increase in HGH level. That's a pretty good increase. My question is, were the two tests taken at approximately the same time of the day? The body pulses HGH throughout the day so the blood test should be done approximately at the same times to minimize the test variability.

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    Dont worry about the gh serum test. Your taking gh for the increase in igf levels. Stick with the same dose for 3- 4 weeks then test igf levels. If you want to test gh serum the standard protocol is 10 iu intramuscular 3 to 3.5 hours before drawing blood. This should be fasted.

    You can have gh that tests well on gh serum tests that won't raise igf, or barely raise it.

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