Ok bros, i am coming off a cylce of Enatat250mgs/deca300mgs for 10weeks. I am one week since my last shot and i am gonna take the clomids in two weeks. Im also thinking about getting some liqiud clen to run with, or after the clomid therapy. Here goes:

1)A 30ml, bottle....how should I dose that, and for how many weeks should i take it
2)Should i get more than one bottle
3)Should i avoid smoking weed, and moderated drinking(didnt have one drink during the cycle), for they both raise your heart rate
4)Should i avoid taking cialis and or viagra, i have been taking them both cause a nasty case of deca dick
5)Will the clen really help me keep gains in addition to the clomids.
6)Will the clen shrink your dick (I heard that shit makes it look like a raisin) That isn't even remotely funny. I have had enough problems with the deca dick

I think thats enough for one post
Thanks bros