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    Question Anavar w/ test & arimidex cycle for over weight but on a diet

    Hi Guys

    I am a 30 yr old man you is an ex college football player that has experience with cycles but its been many years. over the last 3 years my back went out and got hooked on pain mds (never abused them) but after 3 year they wrecked my body to a point that i gained 125 lbs in 18 months because the mds messed up my hormones. I got fixed in November and it took until Feb for my hormones to get back to a normal 30 yr old man levels. even though im heavy my blood pressure ad cholesterol is fine as well as all my organs including the liver. my dr called me the healthiest fat guy he has seen. I have lost 40 lbs sense feb with my dr and nutritionist help but i have hit a fat loss wall and i want to maintain the fat loss rate. i am naturally a 250lbs man with 15% body fat so that is my goal. My dr gave me the okay to start cardio with no lifting until i hit 275lbs and im 320lbs now.

    Would a 12 week cycle of Anavar w/ test & arimidex help me maintain my fat loss rate? I would continue my diet and also cardio while on the cycle.

    I know that having that much fat while on the cycle will be tough to maintain proper estrogen levels so i would need some suggestions about that also. thanks for all the help in advance

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    Simple answer... No.
    You just got your hormones back to normal.
    Don't go ****ing them up again.

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    I'm Ron Burgundy?
    Agreed with deadlift

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    There is a great diet and nutrition log here that will help you get to your desired weight. Then you can run a good cycle to harden up and get the physique that you want. Good luck!

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