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    Second cycle help

    ok yall ive been gone from here for way to long, about 15 years I lost my old user name on here lol! I got out of lifting for some while with a torn shoulder, did some light lifting with no cycle for about 7 years off an on! but now my shoulder is better then ever, ive been back lifting 3-4 times a week for the last 90 days! now I'm ready to start thinking about my second cycle! I'm 44 years of age I'm 5-8 and about 196 that's what the doctor said today lol! I'm a little pudgy in the middle but not all that bad! I did Sustanon 250 for 8 weeks about 10 years ago, I did 3 weeks of 250 week 4-5 I did 500 and the last 3 weeks did 250 that's all I took! I put on about 25-30 pounds on! my top weight was 218, and love it did 315 10 times on bench my body love it! now I'm 10 years older and ready again my shoulder was a real pain in the butt but I'm much much better now! what would be a good second cycle nothing big yall, maybe 2 at a time or better maybe just one! just what to look like close to what I was then, I know I'm an old man right now lol! but I seen some jack up guys my age thanks
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    If it was that long ago this cycle will be like your first cycle all over again.

    Read this it explains all

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