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    UGL primo real or fake?

    I have heard many Times that UGL primo is not real primo due to the high price of the compound itself and the UGL fake it with EQ or NPP or tren ist true or BS?

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    Very true. Its hard to find good primo. Im not a big fan of labmax, but I have used it to test about 10 different primos. I have found 3 that tested as primo. 1 labs gone and the other 2 are still up and running. Some labs just use test prop and call it primo.

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    There are a lot of fakes, the problem with primo is that it used to be prescribed as a cancer treatment drug but it was discontinued and there is probably one producer of powder in China now.

    Only one primo I had passed labmax test and it was later confirmed be detailed lab testing that it was good quality.

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    Hi i have been using Tren Max depot product of orogin pharma...i am however skeptical whether it is a legit brand or not.. if anyone has used the brand and has got results please do let me know whether it is fake or not..
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