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    Only thing holding me back from first cycle...acne?

    Title is it.

    Brother has started balding and no one else in the family has (so I'm not too worried). Otherwise healthy. I'm an experienced (but not elite or anything) lifter. Solid program and diet. 29.5 y/o. Looking to do a basic 12 week test-e cycle with AI and PCT, probably HCG as well, as per beginner recommendations. At 14% bf (6' 190) and dropping, should hit 12% or less by memorial day easy (approx start date for cycle). Blood work inbound. Basically, all ducks in a row.

    But I had acne pretty good (bad?) when I was younger, and still get flare ups when my hormones change (bulk to cut) and with the weather. Not much cystic stuff, and really I use benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid wash and that takes care of it almost 100%. Earlier in life I would say I had it at a 7/10 badness scale, for short periods of time. Long time at 5/10. Now at a 1, or 2/10. I'm absolutely shook about getting awful cystic acne, especially at the end of my cycle. I don't really think acutane, on top of AAS is what I'm looking for here. I mean, I'm vain but trying to stay somewhat healthy. I realize no one knows what could happen, but does anyone have any advice? Essentially, if I went back to 7/10 acne this would not be worth it to me. Its all about aesthetics and honestly, my wife wouldnt like it - besides me not liking it.

    Thanks bros.

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    Hey man,
    Acne is a difficult one, a few of my friends suffered it bad when at school and in cycles later on in life one flared up pretty bad while the other didn't really look any different.. I think it's difficult to predict the results without trying.. But it's completely a decision only you can make buddy.

    There is however a few things you can do to reduce the Symptoms of acne:

    Sun beds - this really does dry the skin and UV kills bacterial colonies.
    Pantothenic acid daily 3g
    Clearasil for adults is good and contains benzoyl peroxide and sulfur
    Do not use any scented soaps!


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    It's good you don't have cystic acne; if benzoyl peroxide OR salicylic acid help currently, they will likely work on cycle but perhaps more frequently.

    If you don't want to go the Accutane route, there is tonnes of topical antibiotic / anti-acne creams out there (like Clindoxyl gel) that seem to work pretty good.

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    Most likely acne will return, ussually in PCT its when it hits harder.

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    My precautions for ACNE are:

    1. Shower twice daily and be selective with soaps
    2. Use sunbeds
    3. Austinite's ACNE protocol

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