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    Havoc ph cycle and advice

    Hey guys I am planning on doing a cycle of RPN Havoc this month and just wanted to let you guys know what I plan on running and If you would recommend I get anything else or change my cycle up a bit. Juts to give you some more info this is my first PH cycle I am 21 and 6' 3" 185 pounds. Looking to put on more weight and increase strength. Just looking for some friendly advice and opinions!

    RPN Havoc 20/20/30/40
    Fish oil and Taurine
    Probably Creatine as well

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Then just a natty test booster

    Anything else for PCT? I feel like that is pretty weak but on almost everything I read one person says I need more another person says I'm fine with just the nolva. Also anyone think I need to keep taking the blockade during PCT? Thanks guys!

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    Your age, low body weight, and the pro-hormones, all add up to "You're gonna get a major scolding" here. I hope you've got thick skin, and can listen to honest advice, kid!

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    Hey buddy.

    This might be difficult to hear because you're an adult, but your body and sex organs are still developing.

    There's a good chance that using PHs now will mess your body up for the rest of your life.

    It would really suck to be on trt for the next 60+ years of your life.

    I saw you posted in the PCT forum.

    You should read some of the threads in there about guys your age who experimented with PHs and who now can't get an erection.

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