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Thread: Opinions wanted. I think i crashed me estrogen.

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    Opinions wanted. I think i crashed me estrogen.

    Hi, I understand all the observations i note are purely anecdotal an blood work is needed but i have had great success in the past with board members input on stuff like this.

    I felt slight sensitivity in the nipple about 3 weeks into my cycle of test E 575md/week, running hcg 250iu 2x week and Arimadex .25mg eod. I was worried my arimadex might be under dosed so i upped the dosage .5mg eod for 4 days then .5mg every day for a few more days then BAM. hit me like a ton of bricks, lethargy, severe body aches and joint pain, low sex drive. No nipple sensitivity though.

    I guess it takes a few days for the adex to start working, maybe the nipple sensitivity wasnt a result of high estrogen and i mis diagnosed my self. At this point what do you guys recommend? How long does it take for it to rebound back once i go back to a lesser dose. Its been 2 1/2 days like this.


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    It's been my experience that nipple sensitivity isn't always an indicator of high E2. When I use adrol I get sensitive but bw doesn't show high E2. It's higher than it normally would be but not necessarily out of range. You probably crashed your E2 with the elevated adex. Cut it back for a couple of days and then go to .25mg eod. Give it a couple of weeks and then get your bw. Based on the results adjust your adex slowly. Adex works rather quickly so as you've seen you could crash again.
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