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Thread: Unavoidable Break 22 days in....

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    Unavoidable Break 22 days in....

    Currently on 450 tren ace every week and 400 test cyp every week. I have to fly out of country for a funeral in my immediate family, and will take 6-7 days before im near my gear. Im 3 weeks in to a 10 week cycle. Tell me theres an option other than starting pct ? With the test , can I just pin the day I fly back and resume the Tren on arrival and 'pretend' since its short esters that it never happened? Not worried as much about the Cyp. Id like suggestions. Thanks folks

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    Just continue as normal.
    Absolutely nothing, not one single thing is going to happen to you because you don't inject for one week, that includes your Tren .
    You won't start having all sorts of side effects.
    You won't have a mental breakdown
    You won't gain a butt ass load of fat or see your muscle melt away.
    If anything, you should notice very little to nothing at all.

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
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