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Thread: Dr prescribed Sus 250

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    Dr prescribed Sus 250

    If a dr prescribes me Sus 250 to raise my test levels are the AI's still a necessity or or will they be subscribed in conjunction with the sus 250.

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    When you first begin trt you will likely need an AI until you find the correct dose that puts you in range, makes you feel good and keeps your e2 at a reasonable level.

    A good Dr won't just put you on trt, they'll want to find out why you are hypogonadal and try and fix that issue.

    At your age you're really jumping the gun with plans for trt and cycling.

    Your first step should be to get blood work done in order to assess your health.

    If you do go the trt route then you shouldn't be blasting until you get your trt dose sorted out.

    Zeroing in a trt regimen takes about a year.

    You should read the thread attached below and also check out our trt forum, it's one of the best forums on this board.

    Finding a TRT Physician
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