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    Dbol/Primo 100 M cycle guidance required

    Dbol /Primo 100 m cycle

    Hi Guys !
    I have a few questions.
    Iam in my 6th week of test E 500 mg/week(along with Armidrex) And I can buy either Dbol (Oral 10 mg) or Primobolan (injectable 10 mg)as well. I havent bought it yet it since Im not sure how to ,one , stack it with the test e , and two the appropriate dosage .Can you please help me out here ? Should I run a Dbol or Primo 100 only cycle ? How much should I take ? Injectable or Oral ? My current cycle is test E 250 every 3.5 days and armidrex 0.25 every alternate day.Can you please help me work out a healthy and appropriate Dbol/Primo m100 cycle , and as I know naught about steroids yet , so if theres additional testing or other details , please mention them too .Thanks buddy!!!!!!

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    If you know nothing about steroids , why are you running Test?

    Do not run an oral only cycle. Stick with your Test and run a proper PCT afterwards.

    What are your stats? Is this your first cycle?

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    Hi , Thanks for replying .Of course I know about steroids , just not enough to rely on my own advice (Id love to read up on a definitive book or article, might you suggest something ?)
    Yes ,Iam currently on my first cycle , its my 6th week on Test E (every 3.5 days ) along with Armidrex every other day.
    My gains are good (Approximately around 4 lbs every week ) and no side effects.
    I got the Primo M 100 (10ml vial) , how sir do you suggest I go about it ?

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