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    Hair/Acne Friendly Cutting/Bulking Steroid Cycles.

    Tren thins my hair badly on the top and makes my hair texture feel "diferent", even hair stylist mentioned something was "different".

    I hear great things about Anavar... I gave it TWO tries. Both times: BOOM Cystic Acne on face and regular acne on my chest.

    So for me, NO tren for my hair and NO anavar for acne.

    I was looking into NPP and Winstrol. I do seem to tolerate Dianabol pretty well.

    I was thinking for hair/acne friendly steroids

    Bulking: Test - NPP - Dianabol

    Cutting: Test - NPP? - Winstrol

    Anyone else have any input on hair/acne friendly steroids ? Maybe you had acne on one thing but not another? Bad hair on one thing but not another?

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    Theres no such as hair & acne friendly cycle, if you are prone to acne steroids will exacerbate it, if you are prone to hair loss steroids will accelerate it.

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