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Thread: How soon after hernia repair....

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    How soon after hernia repair....

    ....would you cycle? Say a guy had bilateral inguinals patched laparoscopically and he's 3 months post-op? He's been cleared to lift as long as no pain. Just hypothetically, ya know.

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    Diff situation but I had an umbilical hernia after I was cleared I started lifting and didn't go hard on compound movements for 3-4 months ..iam not familiar with yours but I would think the recovery would be similiar

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    Not says ng that i tecommend it, however i had my operation and started cycling 2 months later. I did this because i was competing and I was limited for time to cycle, recuperate, and then cut.

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    I just had umbilical hernia surgery 10 weeks ago. I am 1 week into my cycle, and I was able to start lifting heavy again a few weeks ago with absolutely no pain. Had 2 hernias fixed, right next to each other during my surgery.

    Just letting you know my experience. Does not mean that yours will be similar. Listen to your body.

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    Agree with all the posts here,

    In my opinion this is one of the best reasons for a non professional athlete to use AAS.

    That is to say, that by using AAS you will be able to make greater gains using the same weights/reps thereby enabling you to rehab the injury with less risk of damage and/or achieve a quicker recovery.

    That is of course assuming you have the knowledge and self control to do your rehab in a safe and sane fashion...if you are one who "Trips Hard" on AAS then AAS will of course be a very poor choice.
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