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    Question Questions on first cycle

    Hey guys, put together my first cycle and looking for some opinions, etc. I'm 21 years old, 5'10", 165 lbs., have been training off and on for the past few years (more off than on, unfortunately). I'm pretty freakin' weak right now, but I plan on working my balls off in the gym for a couple months before I start my cycle to lay down a little bit of a muscle base. Anyways, I'm thinking about doing something like this when the time is right:

    Weeks 1-4: 40 mg D-Bol Daily
    Weeks 1-10: 400 mg Test Enanthate

    Start clomid 2 weeks after last injection... 300 mg first day, 100 mg next ten days, 50 mg last 10 days.

    Am I gonna need to have some anti-E's on hand for this cycle? If so what is good to use, and how much do I use daily and for how long?

    Can anyone recommend some good supplements to use while on a bulking cycle? (Other than whey protein, multi-vitamins and glutamine which I already plan to be taking)

    Is cardio recommended while on a bulking cycle? I'm very soft right now, but plan on eating very clean during my cycle. How much cardio is recommended (if cardio is recommended at all)?

    Sorry to lay out so many questions at once, but I'm just trying to educate myself to the fullest extent so I can get the maximum benefits from what I'm going to do!

    Thanks guys!

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    1. nice cycle u did ur research

    2. use proviron at 25 mg/ed for 10 weeks to prevent water-bloat

    3. just make sure u get ur protein supplements.

    4. i dont reccomend cardio while bulking cause all it does is increase the number of calories u need to consume, however, it never hurts to do it 2x a week, preferably after ur workouts.

    u seem to have done ur research, good luck !

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    Hey bro. I'm no seasoned vet but I would recommend having some anit E's on hand. I'm not starting till mine get here. Don't take any chances. It's just too easy to prevent.


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    1.) always have anti-e's...they make life so much easier. run liquidex for a good cheap anti that will work for you here in small dosages.

    2.) supps: fish oil caplets for O3/O6 fatty acids, l-tyrosine for help with metabolism, and the peanut butter jar. also, flaxseed oil for the best source of fat in your diet.

    3.) i personally have never felt the need to bulk by putting on 5 pounds of fat with my lean mass gains. when i bulk, i am at my target weight around 8% bf in order to keep myself under 10 by cycle's end. you can make great gains here with a clean diet and good macronutrient ratios without staying 'soft' or putting on fat. i will do cardio 1-2 days a week while bulking just to help with water retention, although the femara takes care of it. you won't be losing muscle when you do cardio during cycle, although it will increase the amount of cals you need to grow.

    thats why i only recommend 1-2 days/week at 30 minutes.
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