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    Just got my blood results back. Need some help.

    Even tho I'm not considering ever doing gear, I had a full hormone panel done mainly because I was getting Gyno and my doctor requested it. Specifically, my testosterone results were as follows:

    Total test 24.1 nmol/L
    SHBG 28 nmol/L
    Calculated free testosterone 625 pmol/L

    What would this convert to in ng/Dl??

    Doc reckons they are normal, can y'all confirm?

    I did the test with like 4 hours sleep and felt like chit in morning. Is it low???

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    If you need Testosterone to bring you to normal levels, you might want to reconsider. I was low T in my mid 30s and it is why I did my first cycles. My issue was before I ever did my first pin. Once I started TRT my life was much improved and I was no longer on massive hormone swings.

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    24.1 nmol/l it equal to 695 ng/dl

    These numbers are good.

    FT is more important than TT and yours is fine.

    What did your doctor prescribe for gyno?

    Have you been or are you using steroids ?

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