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    Unavoidable Facts

    There are certain truths about anabolic steroids that will always remain true. That's what a truth is, and no matter what magical formula someone gives you, a truth will always be a truth.

    1. Liver Toxicity

    If you use C17-aa steroids, during use your liver enzyme values are going to increase. If you take some sort of liver protectant during this time, guess, what? Your liver enzyme values are going to still increase and they're still going to increase significantly?

    If this happens, and it always does each and every time you take a C17-aa steroid , why are people surprised over blood work that shows elevated enzyme values during or after the use of C17-aa steroids? It's like taking a bite of a cookie and being shocked and bumfuzzled that it taste like a cookie. What does this mean? It means if you freakout you're an idiot, you're freaking out over what you knew was going to happen.

    Are elevated enzymes something to be worried about? In general, for an otherwise healthy liver, no. Enzymes that are elevated simply represent stress, not actual damage. Continued stress can and often does lead to damage but 6 or so wks of even significant elevation cannot cause longterm damage, sorry, it simply can't, not unless there are underlying factors such as existing health issues or other drugs in play. For heaven's sake, most NSAID's are far more liver toxic than any oral steroid. Granted, most of us don't take Advil every day, although some do.

    2. Proper PCT

    This is a myth because "proper" implies something that will have absolute success. If you use anabolic steroids , there is a chance you may not fully recover your previous testosterone levels even with the greatest most magical PCT plan in the world. I know, I know, you're different, you're special, and more importantly, you have been given advice by a steroid legend, an internet wonder/guru that has no face, has no real name and has no real world credibility.

    Your PCT is now complete and you take a blood test, maybe 4wks post PCT maybe 4 months, who cares. But what happens time and time again? Guys come here freaking out about how low their testosterone levels are post cycle despite following the precise directions of internet username ballsak47. So what's the truth in this little story? The truth in #1 was C17-aa steroids increase liver enzymes and freaking out about it is idiotic being that you're freaking out over the expected and intended result. So again, what is the truth to #2? If you take anabolic steroids, you may or may not fully recover and if you do it can take 6months to a full year, and even then you may not. I know, your PCT was proper and wonderful and sugarcoated with rainbows and that's awesome for you, but in the real world where real people live, a place where folks don't talk themselves into lies because they feel good, we understand there is no such thing as Proper PCT and that recovery is never guaranteed. This is a truth you must accept if you're going to use steroids . This same truth also leads to another, if you continue to cycle year after year even with your diamond studded PCT, you're still going to end up on TRT, guaranteed.

    3. UG Gear isn't Crap

    The common line is and has always been, stay away from underground lab gear and use only pharmacy grade or human grade. I love how guys spout this nonsense, and it is just that, absolute nonsense.

    If we're only going to use gear directly from the pharmacy then most will never ever have access to gear and those that do will generally only have access to testosterone, and if they're lucky, a little nandrolone . For the U.S. bodybuilder, there are other steroids that are FDA approved, such as Masteron , Winstrol , Anavar , etc. but the odds of ever getting any actual human grade and enough to do anything with is slim to none. And forget about trenbolone , forget about having an enjoyable time with a little dianabol , isn't going to happen.

    The fear of UG products is understandable, there is a fair amount of garbage out there, quite a bit actually, but there is more than enough quality gear. Making good gear really isn't that hard, there isn't some magical formula that only U.S. pharmacies have access to. If you do your due diligence you will find good gear.

    Consider this, there isn't a pro bodybuilder alive that doesn't use trenbolone, yet there is no such thing as human grade trenbolone and there hasn't been in nearly 20yrs. This means the best bodybuilders in the world are relying on UG gear. Does this mean they're only using UG gear? No, although I guarantee you plenty are.

    Then there's the HGH argument, and this one holds a little more truth. Quality HGH is harder to find than quality AAS, especially at an affordable price. Human Grade HGH can cost as much as a used car, if you're going to buy enough to do anything with. This means most will never be able to use it. Consider this, 100iu of high quality HGH is going to cost anywhere from $1000-$2000, which equates to $4000-$8000 for a 4 month run at a measly 4iu per day dosing. There aren't too many bodybuilders that can afford this. Is HGH necessary? At high competition levels, absolutely, even amateur, so what are they doing to afford this? Is it all due to massive amounts of gay for pay? No, despite that being what people want to believe. The truth, the unavoidable fact, is most are relying on generic HGH and going from one brand to the next. Sometimes they're getting good batches, sometimes they're not, and when they don't they move on to the next brand or source with only a little loss.

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    Liver tox issues from steroids are overblown because of USA professional athletes like Lyle Alzado. Poster child of steroids are bad but they forget to say...oh yeah he was snorting 5grams of coke a day. Only person I have seen out of a few hundred that had severely bad liver tox was a drinker with Hep-C. Anything wrong with you is magnified by steroids.

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