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    HELP! My First Cycle - Anavar + Sustanon

    Hey everybody.

    I am new here so forgive my ignorance.

    Been out of gym for a while due to a nagging golfer's elbow injury that won't go away.

    Started a TB500 cycle about 18 days ago - 10mgs every 5 days. Slowly recovering and almost there.

    Due to not being able to train properly, i have lost a good 4-5kgs of muscle and i would like to get them back, and even gain more, asap!

    A friend of mine recommended i do an anavar ONLY cycle.

    I've been researching for quiet some time and i continue to find conflicting feedback. Some say i must run a test with it (Sustanon looks popular). Others say anavar alone will work.

    The guy who is supplying me with the above is suggesting the following:

    20MG of Anavar daily + 1ml of Sustanon weekly.

    Anyone here can share his/her experience? I am not looking to add insane mass. A mild LBM gain would be good and the shredding effect of the anavar would be a great addition to it all.

    Also, been recommended to run a PCT after (CLOMID)

    HEIGHT: 5'8
    WEIGHT: 180pounds
    BODYFAT: 18%
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    1) Rule of thumb: Do NOT listen to what your supplier tells you, he only wanna sell.
    2) Never run oral only without test
    3) I think you should give yourself time at the gym before using AAS.
    4) You did not mention anything about AI, HCG , Nolvadex , nutrition so for me you are not ready to use AAS, i suggest u do a lot more reading before u start injecting so u can counter any side effect or adverse drug event u encounter.
    5) Also PCT is a must, not a recommendation ...

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    I would also recommend that you do not cycle above 15% bodyfat. Alot of people do, however your cholesteral and blood pressure will increase while on cycle and the higher the body fat, the more likely to produce estrogen while on cycle.

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    This is the cook book on the first cycle.

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