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    Eating food makes me feel sick now

    Hey bros. When I eat nowadays, I feel like puking. I am on Fina, Winny and a ECA stack. Has anyone else here felt sick after eating while on gear? Fina made me very hungry for a while, now that has changed.

    Also, I want to add that shortness of breath is a real side effect of Fina. I don't have fina dick, but I can't jog for thirty mins straight. My jogging has turned into sprints/walking because my lungs can't get enough air these days.

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    Hey bro, ya i had the same problems on fina. U might want to check ur BP for the shortness of breath. Mine was do to increased BP and heart rate while on fina. Good luck!!


    ohhh and a nice big bong hit will do wonders for the munchies...

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    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to chime in on the fina sides. I m on fina also and I ve definetely noticed the breathing also. As far as the eatting the only time I noticed an effect was when I started taking bromo. The first night I took it I felt really sick most of the night. My body has gotten used to it now but for awhile it definetely curbed my appetite and mad me feel like I had a cold.


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