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    Test/Anavar much arimidex?

    Plan is to take
    100mg Cypionate + 150mg enanthate (total 500mg per week of Test) 2X per week
    50mg Anavar ED
    HCG 500iu 2X per week.

    Currently on 100mg cypionate and 500 IU 2X week for TRT, and .25 arimidex with each pin (2X per week). This has E2 and prolactin are around the top end of "normal."

    2 questions

    1) How much and how often do I need to take arimidex
    2) What does my should by PCT look like 10 weeks from now?

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    U need an ai in your cycle

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    .25mg/eod is the base. If you feel gyno, increase to .25mg/ed.

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