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    Talking Help With My Primobolan!!!urgent

    First of all i just want to say hi to everyone here since I am new to the forum. I am a bodybuilder and my knowledge is very good i have even been a steroid dealer while in Europe. Now I am getting back to competition and today I got my hand's on 50 primobolans even though they look very good I have never seen them before or have ever sold them. So I would like maybe someone that knows thi stype maybe relieve my state of fustration since a lot of money is involved with my new shipment. The vials are as such come on a box white gold and red, did not notice anything different at all.It is all written in spanish and everything seems ok. Now the problem is this The vial is transparent with green writtings, but the strange thging is that i sold many but never had them with a stripe o the top a green stripe. So basically it is transparent written berlin in green and has a stripe on top of the vial where to break it off. I would like anybody who might know about this to tell me if they are real or not. Since I have never worked with this type i am a bit concerned at the moment. One more thing if someone could also tell me how to add a picture to my name that would be nice too......Thanks BEEF

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    sorry bro i cant help you with you primo ?,but i will send you a pm on how to put an avatar in your name.

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    if you had stuk with that line and not went overboard you would have been ok - if you want to get a chance to be back on - PM me with the proper Mea Culpa and a firm pledge not to do such crap as was in the other thread again

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