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    Need help on cycling pauses when I have already low testosterone

    Looking for advice...I am 63 years old, have worked out all my life, and in the last 18-24 months have done one beginner cycle and and am winding down on my 3rd intermediate cycle (Tren and Test P, 75mg/100mg) as decribed on this site as an intermediate cutting cycle, minus the winstrol or anavar as an abundance of caution measure against unnecessary hepa-toxicity risk) (should I worry about that, with anavar?).

    I am also not using arimidex , because I have reasoned that because my normal testosterone count is low, seeking to return it to my "low" count would be fruitless. Could use advice on that specific point, as well.

    I qualify for low testosterone count, and could get Test C from my doctor, for low testosterone (were I not cycling).

    I am exceptionally healthy for my age. I do every nutrition and vitamin supplement that my extensive research indicates would be beneficial, including liver cleansing/benefiting nutrients (AND HAVE DONE SO FOR SEVERAL YEARS). I have never had the flu, do not catch colds, and have cholesteral and blood pressure under control, with mild BP meds, and dietary sodium reduction. I do, however, drink alcohol.

    I have read that SOME people "do not ever actually go off cycle". Considering that I have low testosterone, in my natural state (i.e., need test C), Is there any persuasive reason that I should go "off cycle" and NOT continue to do some form of "cycling"? (at a minimum, 100-200 mg test C per week [due to naturally and normally existing low T]...or maybe that regime during a short break (2 weeks, 4 weeks), and then back on Test P+ Tren?

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    You'll do a TRT dosage (100mg/wk to 200mg/wk) forever. You'll run cycles (500mg/wk or so) on top of your TRT dose. I'm 56, 5'11", 195#, 9% bf. Even old guys like us can look good and be strong. Have fun.

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