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Thread: 2nd cycle help

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    2nd cycle help

    So a few months back I did my first cycle. I ran Test E starting at 250mgs a week, the highest I went was 500. After 12 weeks I was supposed to come off but then I felt I had extra fat I didn't want to carry until my next cycle. So I ran Tren E at 300mgs a week for 6 weeks. Loved the Tren tbh, didn't get any of the bad sides, but then again I heard most the bad sides come from Ace. But that was my first cycle experience, started off at 188 pounds 13%BF by the time I was done with Test I was at 223 pounds 16% BF. When I finished the Tren I dropped to 203 pounds kept all my strength didn't check BF at the time. No PCT I just cruised for two months at 125mgs a week. Come off for two weeks this is my third week not pinning anything and I'm thinking of what my next cycle would be.

    Want to put on as much lean muscle as I can, I don't really want to go through the whole get big and fat bullshit as I like the leaner more aesthetic look than the big and bulky. I'm 6 foot 3 being huge and tall I don't want people all afraid of me lol.

    But I looked into it and I'm in a huge debate about whether I want to run Tren Ace or Deca . With Test of course. I really wanted to try gaining muscle on the Tren but when I ask my guy he says I wont get the same results from tren as I did the first time and should wait another year to run Tren again. So he keeps suggesting Deca. Which I wouldn't really mind but I keep hearing about people getting on Deca and walking around like water balloons the whole cycle which I don't really want. I've been told that at a lower dosage and clean diet you can prevent the bloat and get some amazing results but the majority seem to hate on Deca. My first cycle kind of lacked midway through. I got a new job at the time which wasn't allowing me to get all my training days in or my proper nutrition because of the hours I had to put in. So I wanted to make this second cycle the best I could, my goal is to put on as much lean muscle as possible without gaining too much fat on cycle.

    So any advice on what I could go with? Is it true that Tren wont work the same? Whats your experience with Deca?

    I have too any questions. <_<

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    Mate you need to slow down. Hold off before you taje anything else.
    You should do a pct. and at your height you should have got to that weight with out steroids very easy. Whats your eating and training look like?

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    It's been almost three months that seems like plenty of time to me.

    And before I started training I was 161 pounds naturally I went up to 197 (Not all muscle obviously) so I didn't jump on cycle cause I couldn't do it or because I believed I was in some sort of plateau. I just wanted to achieve a physique other people wouldn't be able to reach at a faster pace. Also I'm an impatient fuck. Say I was wrong to do so, was my decision, don't regret it, if I do one day I'll suck it up and deal with it cause there's no going back.

    My training with weights changes a lot, usually 4-5 times a week only train one muscle group a week and try lifting as heavy as I can while mixing some high rep sets in between. My diets usually clean, I bullshit it from time to time. Protein is as 220 grams a day. I don't count carbs or fats, I get my protein and will everything else with carbs and fat, usually end up at 3700 calories, any more and I just start gaining extra fat. Try eating every 3-4 hours job makes it hard on me but I've pulled through.

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    All this being only 22yrs old.You got some trouble coming in your future.
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