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Thread: Superdrol + MaxLMG and Test Base Cycle Review

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    Superdrol + MaxLMG and Test Base Cycle Review

    Height: 5ft 4
    Starting weight: 78kg
    Final Weight: 85kg

    Oncycle Support:
    Milk Thistle (80% silymarin 40:1) 1000mg
    N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) - 500mg
    Hawthorn Berry - 400mg (1 week preload)
    Saw Palmetto - 200mg
    Celery Seed Extract - 75mg
    Grape Seed Extract - 75mg
    Bupleurum Root extract - 50mg
    Dandelion Root 4:1 - 50mg
    Red Yeast Rice 1200mg (1 week pre-load)

    Planned PCT: Nolva(20/20/20/20) + Clomid(100/50)

    Actual PCT: Nolva(1-3 days 40mg, followed by 4 days at 20mg)

    Planned Cycle Length: 21 days (actual 15 days)

    Max LMG Info: 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)diene-17-one (Max LMG): What is it?

    So this was a short sharp cycle, which got cut short which I will discuss later. Cut a very a long story short, there was a preload with hawthorn and RYR for 1 week. Then 1 shot of test per week at 250mg followed with 10mg Superdrol and 30mg maxLMG per day. Very quick to increase water weight within a week I had hit 82.5kg the gains continued. Strength drop at first but gains at week 2 and continued in PCT. Final weight 1 week after last dose was at 85kg so a 7kg increase in weight mostly water, but at the moment I still seem to be holding onto it.
    Blood pressure became a very big issue while resting with this stack. Despite running it before without test and having no issues this time this was a major issue. Despite crap loads of celery I was unable to control so cut the cycle 5 days short. Although I have to say it was still very effective, much quicker acting then last time.

    What I believe to be issue given the rise in gyno as well is the estrogenic effect from the test E. It was Pharma grade test but maybe an AI should have been used even at the HRT dose that I ran. Compared to my last run of this stack at 21 days, the gains have been much less lean, far less definition, even if there is more mass.On the flip side there were no other sides, mood was great, felt like an 18 year old again, lol. Not much hair loss, No acne but never had an issue with that anyway.

    For PCT after 15 days I may have gotten away with just coming off, but used nolva for 7 days and felt fine. I would say this cycle was a success and would run it again, but with AI to ensure E2 and BP control. Like a say the same cycle without Test, is very rough on the mind etc, but BP was not an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naz1054 View Post
    For PCT after 15 days I may have gotten away with just coming off, but used nolva for 7 days and felt fine. I would say this cycle was a success
    Comeback in 8 weeks with bloodwork, then we can all congratulate you.
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