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Thread: For all steroid users, how many inches did you gain on your arms?

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    From your previous thread pic you had a lot to to grow natty before messing with steroids .

    You are still young, steroids can mess you up.

    Whatever you decide its going to affect you for life, specially something like deca .

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    I gain about 10 inches on my "middle" leg every time I see Scarlet Johansen.

    Apologies for going off topic...
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    I don t think you should care about this. Some thinks are just genetics and it depends your whole lifestyle.
    You should train all your body the same and you ll grow.
    Grow all your body not just your arms. Big arms ...thiny legs is just a joke
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    I've been on gear for a long time. Been training for fitness and strength. About 6 months ago I started lifting for bodybuilding. My arms grew .5". It's not the .5" growth I'm excited about. I now have a peak in my bicep. Proper training restructures the body. Proper diet make you leaner. The combination of better shape and less fat makes the arms look bigger. My .02

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