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    Talking Deca/Test vs Eq/Test??????

    still cant decide which to purchase this will be my real 2nd cycle it will look something like this
    weeks 1-12 sust 500mgs/week
    weeks 1-4 d-bol 25mgs/day
    weeks 9-13 winny 50mgs e/o/d if using eq will use fina 75mgs /e/o/d instead of winny
    and either 400mgs of eq for 14 weeks or 400mgs of deca for 10 weeks which would be a better choice of gear eq or deca my goals are to put on some lean mass and look good thks luke

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    For lean mass Eq by far. Leaner more keepable gains.

    For overall mas deca . lots of water

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    Im lovin my deca /sust cycle right not holding water like i thought i would but its still pretty early...but i dont think you can go wrong with either one...i want to try Eq and test next with a d-bol jumpstart...i think it all looks good

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    looks good use EQ if u want ! i like deca though cause i am more in it for strength and raw mass, i really dont care how much is water, just when im done i want to get on stage and stun the judges. but if u wanna lean, EQ is gud, deca is good for strength but if u take tren instead of winny, i think ull get some good strength on the tren !

    regards !

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