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    Hi guys,

    I am prone to gyno so I want to keep reloxofine on hand incase of gyno flare up. The problem is both my contacts don't know what reloxofine is and they can't source it either.

    One suggested using Nolva for gyno flare up - I know this doesn't make sense.

    The other one suggested increasing armidex dose - I know this is wrong too as I don't want to mess up my E2 levels.

    Is there anyway I can PM a senior member to find a way to buy reloxofine? I have everything else so I am not really looking for a source for gear.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Nolva can be successfully used to treat gyno.

    If you're cycling with bloodwork, controlling e2 with an AI and PRL with a DA then you shouldn't be having gyno problems.

    Nolva can also be used everyday on cycle at low doses if you're still unable to prevent gyno after having bloodwork.

    Do you know what's the cause of your issue?

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