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    Lightbulb caffeine-sodium benzoate IM Injection

    Dear all,
    Recently I got 10 caffeine and sodium benzoate Russian ampules from a friend to aid me with my fat loss.
    I know basically they are not steroids but this forum is the only place I know where people know about BB drugs.
    I wanted to know if anyone have used them. if so was it worth it?
    The guy told me I can inject it to the lower abs for more focused fat loss on that area. This doesn't seem right to me but I want to know your experience and information about it.

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    This sounds really suspicious to me.....

    Caffeine sub-q injections for localized fat loss? No way I'm buying into that.

    Best fat loss protocol I've ever seen was diet and exercise.

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    Absolutely no need for subq caffeine as oral bioavailability is great and I'm not buying the localized thing either since its actions are also mediated by liver metabolites and affect primarily the CNS.

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    I'm not suggesting that you use this product but I believe injectable caffeine is ment to be used IV for other medical conditions.

    Such as when infants stop breathing or headaches from spinal anesthesia.
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