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Thread: Injection Sites

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    Injection Sites

    I recently read an article suggesting that the selection of injection sites was an important factor affecting absorption of IM Test. The text said that glutes were the preferred site versus delts and other potential sites. I have always had a personal preference for hitting my deltoids vs. glutes. I like being able to clearly see the process, especially while aspirating prior to injection.

    Am I sacrificing some amount of absorption efficiency by using delts vs. glutes?

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    Yes, and the absorption goes slower also.
    BUT, how much steroid that isn't absorbed will be influenced by many factors,
    I wouldn't really be concerned that you're "losing" much of the steroid, as I don't think it's that much.
    However, the half life of the depot (the ester half life) will be longer in the delts than the glutes.
    Another factor that's always been a big problem with all IM medication is that blood supply to the muscle will affect absorption.
    So training the delts will increase blood supply and give a spike in absorption.

    My advice is to not use the delts as your main site for IM.
    Use the quads if you want to see the process.
    Also, SubQ shots in the abdomen is a favorite of mine.
    (Don't go over 0,5ml first time to see how you react)
    Rotate sites, if you use only one too often you will end up damaging the muscle, and can also risk and abscess.

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