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    37 year old newbie looking for first cycle advice.

    Training since 2000 on and off.
    37 years old, 25% bf, 230 lbs. I am a meso-endomorphic body type (gain decent muscle but always have had a jiggly belly).

    I wanted to do a first ever cycle and the folks who were going to turn into my eventual source for the drugs recommended trenbolone acetate plus testosterone prop followed by PCT OF Arimidex and Nolvadex and HCG .

    All I hear from them is everyone they know used the combination above and had great results. I don't have any reason to doubt these people but at the same time feel there is a conflict of interest because they will sell what I use.

    My own research show's 9 out of 10 times first time users are strongly discouraged from using trenbolone. My question therefore is: in order to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, is it a good cycle to be on for 12 weeks ?

    If not could anyone suggest another milder starter cycle. Many on this forum suggest test p only as a first cycle. Is that reasonable ? Would appreciate cycle length, dosage and any other things like AI to include and for high long ?

    Thank you for reading.

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    Steroids are not used to lose fat.

    To lose fat you need to diet and cardio, only then you should think of doing your first cycle, the leaner you are the less side effects from steroids you will have.

    The 1st cycle will give you the most gains, unless its a cut cycle...

    Here's the plan you should follow for a 1st cycle after you get to 15% bodyfat:

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    X2 what BB said ^^^.
    Listen if there was such a thing that fatties were give then the guy/girl would be a millionaire
    Air. Hard work diet and ex works it really does, with the added supps then great when the time is right.

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    Guys, thank you for your response so quickly. I mis-stated my goal. I want to build lean muscle which will allow fat loss. I dont intend to use AAS without making sure I don't eat right, do cardio and generally live a good life style. That being said, the link you suggested is great and I appreciate your insight.

    Thank you so much.

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    Well Prop is a good start alongside a gm well planned diet. Don't get caught up in the hype by putting this and that in your body, keep the dose low is what I've seen to keep progressing. Which Brand of test, Don't do Tren if your bodyfat isn't already low, I'd say Prop plus Anavar but choose quality. Which brand you aiming for?

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    I honestly think you should go this route, do cardio every other day and push yourself to lose 5% in the next few months, if you can do that then run a cycle. I say that cause a cycle won't push you harder or make you go to the gym more frequently, it's an assistance to people who already hit the gym hard. And if you do with proper diet, you can lose the 4-5% no problem.
    But I hear tren helps you lean out, but then again I also read on a first cycle, run test first to see how your body reacts to it. Really depends on what "you" are willing to do, do you want to pace yourself to the finish line or do you want to sprint,

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    My recommendation is to always get down to 15% bf. I would also get bloodwork. Do you know what your blood pressure is? Cholesteral and bp are likely to increase on cycle.
    Tren is not recommended at the beginning because it is so harsh and can have some nasty sides.

    For your desired results, i would try to dial in your diet, start cardio, and continue working out. See how that goes, and then decide from there. The issue with AAS, other than the risks involved, is that if your diet is not dialed in, you will lose most of the gains.

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    Best bet is to start with plain old test. The longer esters seem to make me hold more water so I usually go with prop. Getting you bf down below 15% will decrease your side effects and allow you to better see your gains.

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