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    Well bros I got a quest. I want to add winnie at the end of my Test/EQ cycle..I'm doing...

    Test400 1-10
    QV EQ 1-10

    My source says that he can get me winnie tabs in 50mg...when would i add these..when during the day would i take them and how many should i buy? His price is $2 a piece..what do you think!

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    Split the dosages up into 2 one in the am and one in the pm. add it to run 3 weeks past you last eq shot and take the test and run it one week past the last eq shot.
    test 1-11
    eq 1-10
    winny 10-13
    clomid starts one day after last winny pill.
    As far as price?? I have no idea, maybe someone else can help on that one. Sounds about right? pending on brand
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