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    seaking injection advice

    I have Cypionate but am confused on the quatities. The dude told me to do a 250/250/500/750/500/250
    pyramid. The vials say 250mg/2ml on them but the darts are in cc's. I have so idea how to get the conversion right from vials measured in mg/ml to darts measured in cc's. Please advise... He also mentioned that they say 250 but are double vials with 500mg ??? Is that normal ?

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    Mg = strength of the drug per ml (sust250 = 250mg/ml or 500mg/2ml)
    1ml = 1cc

    Do a search bro...these answers are in the archives...this may help. Good luck...let us know if you don't find what you're looking for.

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    personally..make sure you do some more reasearch..seems to me have no knowledge on this and you are ready to inject...hold off man..and learn..that is my advice..

    good luck..ask all the question you need..we are here to help..just slow it down a notch

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    250mg per cc 2cc= 500mg
    dont taper your sust and do a little more research

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