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    1st Cycle Plan any input?

    Hey everyone, I am new here and would like to introduce myself-

    Age- 21
    Weight- 210
    BF- around 12%
    Bench- 275
    Squat- 450
    Deadlift- 415

    I know I am young but i have been lifting for a while and want to take my training to the next level. I have been lifting since I was 14 only recently starting a diet, I've always been a bit chubby. I've decided to jump into the world of steroids and have mapped out what i think will be my first cycle. I am pretty sure I will just be running Test E for my first but if you think I should add to it I'm open to suggestions. Also, is it necessary to take an AI during my cycle. I have read contradicting things an just wanted to get an overall consensus. I

    My cycle is as follows-

    Test E 300mg per week for 10-12 weeks

    If an AI is necessary should I be taking Adex, Aromisin, or Letrozole , I've read that Adex is the AI of choice and a dose of .25mg per day throughout my whole cycle would be good.

    HCG - if necessary 250iu's every 3rd day from week 3 through the end of PCT

    Is it necessary to take both Nolvadex and Clomid or can i take one or the other.
    If both-
    Clomid- 100/50/50/50
    Nolvadex- 40/20/20/20

    Any input is welcomed, i know this isn't the best post but it is my first cycle and i am still learning everything.

    a few questions i had were-

    Is it necessary for clomid and nolvadex for PCT?

    Is it necessary to take an AI?

    And should i be taking HCG?

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    How tall are you and for how long have you been lifting?

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    dont ask for a source thx
    Blog Entries
    how about a pic as well to see where you are at in your development if you would please...

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    The 3 questions that you have asked at the end of your post are all YES
    Arimidex is my AI of choice

    Its recommended you dont cycle until your 25 years old to give time for your system to fully develop, but if you have already made your decision then good luck.

    Me personaly, I would take 500mg of test per week instead of 300mg per week

    Make sure you educate yourself on the diet aspect just as much as you are the steroids !

    I would recommend posting a pic of yourself to check your bodyfat, sometimes when we guess our own, we can be bias and/or way out.
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    Have you read this?

    Are you ready to face the consequences, and do you have good health insurance (or cash) to deal with possible problems?

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    Dispite you being too young it isn't hard to see you didn't do any research or you wouldn't of asked those needless questions about clomid and nova ,HCG and about a ai. I mean you only have 1 body you would think you would want to know for yourself wat you are doing.As it is you stand a real good chance of messing yourself up being too young.

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