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    Red face Frontloading with Testosterone (1 gram)

    Give me a minute, I'm trying to get my post through the spam filter

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    I've tried loads of time but I can't figure out what word is setting off the scanner

    I was writing about how I'm taking a few 1g shots of Test for 2 weeks until I drop the Test down to 100mg/wk and start on Tren A.

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    Why, this sounds stupid

    First off unless your the size of Ronnie 1 gram of test is a waste for most people.
    Despite what you may read pinning 500mg of cyp causes your blood levels to rise QUICKLY test starts doing it's job right away, how soon you notice is a different story.
    Second why spike your testosterone so damn high that your estrogen and DHT are going to skyrocket just to drop down to a dose so low that many of us use it for homeostasis hormone replacement therapy.

    I see no talk in here about HCG ,AI,DA,PCT.

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    Well its hard to give advice to someone when you dont know nothing about them.You didnt bother to give us your stats in your profile or now.But wat you are thinking of doing is well crazy.Give us your stats Ht Wt age bf% how long you been training and wat you are trying to do.Also how many cycles have you ran?

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    Are you saying you want to take Test Suspension for two weeks as a front load or some other Test ester?

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