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    Bayers Testoviron 250 mg Question

    Hello Everyone,

    So I started my cycle 2 weeks back. Yesterday I had the fourth shot. For some reason I opened the leaflet that comes with Bayer's testoviron 250 mg. In the content section it says following :

    "1 ml Testoviron Depot 250 mg contains 250 mg testosterone enanthate ( the equivalent of about 180 mg testosterone ) in oily solution"

    What does that mean ? I am only taking 180 mg of testosterone instead of 250 mg ? Should I increase the dosage to 3 ampules per week instead of two ? I am taking one on Sunday and one on Wednesday.

    Bayers Testoviron 250 mg Question-testoviron.jpg

    Thank you,

    - Ahmed

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    We have a section for this.

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