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Ultimate goal to size

Thread: Ultimate goal to size

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DoubleP said:Today 12:44 PM

Ultimate goal to size

Hey guys,

So I've had this complex with size for years now.
When I look at Brock Lesnar, that's the size and physique I'm looking for. But it's much easier for me to be ripped and anabolic looking. I had someone tell me tren will get u big, but Imo tren wouldn't give me the BIG look. It's appealing ya, alot of guys look good on tren but imo lack size.

I know I'd look good on tren. I already have a 4 pack and am only eating about 1500 cals a day. (Just got out of jail).

My question is to get a Brock lesnar type of physique, what cycle would u recommend as long as sufficient calories and training of course.

Test+npp+dbol I'm thinking to get me on my way.

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