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Thread: going to mexico

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    going to mexico

    Hey! Recently a raid went down in my area.......unfortunatly damn near the entire areas sources were cut out! So now my question is, how hard do you think it would be for me to take a little vacation to Cancun and come back with my own supply?

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    Good luck.... just came back from Cancun and i was search hella. Right before you check your bags they let me and my wife have it, going through all my shit. Lucky i didn't even try to bring any back, i have a very reliable source(that i won't give out). Either don't bring any back or think of a good hiding spot. BTW don't go to Cancun go to the out of the way smaller towns and check out the vets. just my 2 cents.

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    You could try mailing the stuff back to yourself.

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    If you dont mind-can you tell me where this happened at? and were they looking for AS dealers are were they just tring to catch the dope dealers that were sellin juice too. There is some rumors going around that this might be happening in my area soon.

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