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    Question HELP ME! (Information about first cycle / Test-E)

    I hope everyone of you has a very good day and thank you for taking the time to read this!

    I am making this post for a friend because he wants to get on Test-E. He has been training for the past 6 years and the last 4 years he has been serious with his lifting / diet. It is his decision to get on Test-E and try it out.

    About his first cycle:
    We don't want to stack on his first cycle, we want to be save and able to see how his body reacts to Test-E.
    He does not want to take it orally, but with injection of course.

    Personal Information:
    Age - 25
    Height - 6'3
    Weight - 200 +/-
    BF% - 12%
    Experience - He has a solid foundation and worked out consistently for the last 4 years. I have to admit he lacked on his diet but ill make sure he will stick to it once he is on the Test-E

    - What should his Test-E dosage be on a daily basis and for how long should he use it?
    - What PCT should he use and for how long?
    - How can you be sure it is not a scam from the dealer?

    Is there any more information you want from him? Feel free to ask.

    Once again, thank you guys for taking your time to read this and for your positive/negative feedback.

    merQx out

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    read the sticky - my first cycle- planning executing successful first cycle.

    if he cant stick to his diet I think he will be very disappointed with his results and his chances of keeping them after pct are very slim. get that shit nailed down first.

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    Well if you didnt follow your diet off cycle odds are you wont on either.PLUS you really got to be strict after your cycle or you will lose your gains.6'3 only 200lbs he really sounds small for a guy who trained for 4 yrs.Sorry but this isnt a jab at you.But you need too build a base and get your diet in check before cycling.There are plenty of guys who cycle and you would never know it beacuse their diet is off.

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    I am totally aware of all your comments, it is about my friend and i hammered it down on him to get his diet in check.

    Regarding that, he keeps on pushing and asking and he really wants to get on the cycle. (Not my problem at all)

    Personally i'm planning on cycling by the end of 2017, but before that i need to get a complete diet plan and the habit of following it. Thank you all for the replys and ill let him know. Once again ill tell him to stick to his diet :P.

    I have read the link above b4.

    BUT... does this mean that a 5'1 takes the same amount as a guy like me 6'4? Or is there an indication of how much you should actually use?

    Thanks and kind regards


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