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Thread: Mid cycle labs

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    Mid cycle labs

    As far as mid cycle labs go, what are the must haves?

    Cycle layout;
    200 mg test cyp 2x week
    .25 mg anastrozole eod
    250 iu HCG 2x week

    I'm on week 4 and feeling great. Weeks 2-3 were pretty hard on the sex drive but I've seemed to bounce back from that. I haven't seen any crazy strength gains but I'm feeling tighter and leaner which I'm okay with. Thanks for any direction.

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    I forgot to mention that I learned not to do glute injections following heavy deadlifts.

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    Total test, free test, E2 sensitive lc/ms, CBC, CMP, and lipids if possible especially if you have issues.

    If you get a lc/ms assay for test you'll get the actual numbers and not just >1500.

    I like to do all my injections before working out, it's easier to pin and lifting seems to help the oil disperse minimizing pip.

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