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    PCT after winstrol

    I'm doing extensive research before starting any type of steroid which is why I would like to know what to do during my PCT.
    I have been planning on doing Winstrol for a 4-5 week cycle for a while now, but I do not want to do it unless I know all the risks and necessary actions required. Right now I am doing research on what I should do after my 4-5 week cycle of just Winstrol. Do I need PCT after or will my test levels eventually increase back to normal amounts? I am 21 years old so I am still young, and if PCT is needed what should I take and for how long should I take it for.

    thanks in advance for all replies.

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    A good place to start is in our educatioal threads.READ the young and steroids !

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    I could be wrong but
    My guess would be you are considering an easy way out by using winstrol only cycle (probably tablet form)
    As said above, research more, steroids may seem miracles but they aint! Your body and health will thank you at a later stage in life

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    Will your test levels eventually rise back to normal?
    Most likely yes, the point of PCT is not only to assure this happens, but to make it happen faster. And why a Winstrol only cycle?

    Start with the stickys as said above.

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