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Thread: Clen Only Cycle

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    Clen Only Cycle

    So after asking around a lot on the forums and doing some research of my own would a clen only cycle be the best and safest drug i can use to cut when im 18 years old?
    Doing anabolic steroids will shut my natural test down and it isn't worth it at least not yet, i got plenty of natural test in my body. (I learned and got this advice from members on this forum) But clen won't shut me down, thought i can cut running a small dose of 20 mcg over 2 weeks.

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    Clen is a horrible drug in terms of side effects though 20mcg per day will do nothing.

    I bet a tweak in diet and perhaps some added cardio will help you more. Post your diet and workout plan, with your stats, in a new thread in our diet section.

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    I second B in B. The cramps, the shakes, the cold sweat, and it burns away your lean muscle tissues along with fat. Clen sucks in terms of sides. I always run clen along side Test. At your age, you should be able to cut down fat with no problem using diet, cardio, and exercise. Clen is just a short cut. If you don't get the big 3 down, the fat will just come back after the clen cycle.
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    Bro, no 1 is going to advise a 18 year old to use anything except the right nutrition.

    2 weeks of clen ????

    What could you possibly have to cut @ 18?

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    2 weeks of clen ........

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    People seem to think taking a drug will fix poor diet and training

    Nothing beats hard work and dedication
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    how much weight do you want to lose ? Maybe fixing the diet first is better idea

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    I ran 100mcg of pharm grade clen years back stupidly. I would wake up almost every night to calf cramps where I actually thought I was going to die. The twitching and fear of cramps spasms makes clen totally not worth it to drop a few extra lbs of fat imo.

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