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    Post Secret Behind Synovex

    I'm very interesting in Synovex, I know the 2 mayor active ingredients are 20 mg of testosterone propionate , along with 2 mg of estradiol benzoate, per pellet.

    How you guys deal with estradiol benzoate (strogen) ?
    Suppose that you wanted to take 100 mg per day of testosterone propionate (TP). If you went the cattle implant route, 20 mg of estradiol benzoate will come along for the ride with each 100 mg of TP. Well, a full hormone replacement dose for a woman is about 1 mg per day. SHIT!!!!!!!

    If I want to dissolve the TP in acetone, methanol, ether, or some other organic solvent, leaving the EB behind. The problem with this idea is that no organic solvent will dissolve TP while leaving EB untouched. You'll always have a significant percentage of dissolved EB. Both are polar substances.......

    Recomendations? Comments?

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    not too far from you
    Yes you can dissolve the estradiol benzoate. There is a kit that would get rid of that substance, just like the kit with the Fina. The conversion is VERY different from the Fina, and MUCH more complicated.

    Billy_Bathgate is the man when it comes to conversions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by custom fit
    Billy_Bathgate is the man when it comes to conversions!
    No doubt about it.

    Here is a process (I learned from bb) to get Test with no ester from Synovex. You can get Testosterone Propionate (leave the esther attached) if you use Sodium Tert Butoxide instead of the Sodium Hydroxide but it's hard to get. Red Devil Lye is made entirely of Sodium Hydroxide - next to the drain openers like Draino. Either way you need about a 10:1 molar ratio (NaOH:Test Prop) to make sure you remove the estradiol.

    Dissolve 5 carts in 10-15ml of acetone.
    Filter through 3 cf's (if you wet them w/acetone first they won't absorb the acetone with the TP in it).
    Rinse with a bit more acetone.
    This should give about 20ml acetone with the Test Prop/estradiol in solution.
    Mix 1 teaspoon sodium hydroxide with warm distilled water (about same amount of water as acetone, TP solution - 20ml or so) then comibine with hormone solution.
    Let sit overnight or at least 8 hours.
    Add 10 times more chilled (very cold) water. 40ml = .169 cups so add around 2 cups.
    Filter w/3 cf and rinse with 5-6 cups distilled water until PH strips show neutral or lower color. Make sure PH strips show neutral or lower color or keep rinsing.
    (This time KEEP the filter contents)
    Dry out filter contents.

    Add to 3-5% BA 10-15% BB, 8 grams TNE displaces 8ml, and enough cottonseed oil to equal = 80ml and you'll have about 100 mg/ml. Warm up and sterile filter into vial.

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    Being in a basic solution, estrogen will shift to a water soluable salt phase. This is how we remove it.

    Im thinking that actual direction arent supposed to be posted here for some reason, so I wont go on more...but Grimek has done it sucseful with the directions he has listed.

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    I realize that if the esters were removed from the steroids these probably could be separated from each other with organic agents. Estradiol will react with Na-OH to yield the sodium salt of estradiol, which is water soluble. Therefore, one might be able to extract the testosterone into an organic solvent, such as ether, and the estradiol benzoate into alkaline water.

    My guessing is that more than half of the Test will be lost in the process.

    It would be interesting analyze the sample Column Chromatography or Spectrophotometer.

    I would like to do the synthesis......... PM' me if possible were I could get the kit.

    I got access to the a Spectrophotometer at college to see what is remaining at the end.

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    Man!! I found a site with pic's and everything about this convertion!


    I still curious, if you guys coudl provide a clue where could I get the kit! Mr. T , Animal, Gpz?

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