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    Carb timing during cut...

    Alright last post before I go under way with my 5week cut got some information privately already but want more opinions don't think there's no wrong way just all theory's on what works better

    age 28
    5 foot 10
    supposedly 8% don't believe this hence why I'm cutting

    Pro= 280g
    Cho= 315g
    Fat= 75g

    7pm (PWO) SHAKE

    im eating carbs every meal

    now im going to start a cut at 2,500 calories I think that's a good number TDEE should be around 2800

    I will also do 30minutes fasted cardio steady state im lifting 6days a week

    question is when should I eat carbs....

    most people say breakfast , pre and post and POST POST but my last meal aka my POST POST is bed meal , not I can workout in the morning but im stronger in the evening I love fasted training or even training with oats and whey I can move my workout to morning for better results but I don't think morning vs evening would matter

    8am CHO PRO
    noon FAT PRO
    4pm CHO PRO
    7pm CHO PRO
    9pm FAT PRO

    Ive done keto ive done back loading all work but want to keep muscle this time , another highly valued member on this site recommend carbs only pre and post no breakfast nothing

    what are you'r thoughts breakfast pre and post ? pre and post only ? every meal... doesn't matter... far as I know low insulin more fat burning hence not every meal carbs

    as for macros im thinking

    2,500 calories

    280g Protein
    220g CHO
    50g FAT

    or I could go low carb...
    280 protein
    150 cho
    80 fat

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    I don't think it will make much of a difference one over the other. Its more about personal preference. When the amount of carbs I have to take in gets very small I will do breakfast, pre and post just so the portions are reasonable. ie 1/6th cup of rice or something oddly small id rather only have 3 carb meals with bigger carb portions. if that's not an issue for you I would do whatever makes it easier for you to stay compliant. Keeping the small negative energy balance is going to be the main remover of fat, the rest is minor stuff. Keep in mind that's just my opinion, others may disagree. They would be wrong....but they may disagree. lol

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