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    Some Advice about doing it right

    Just out of a 17 day ICU stay and two month recovery. Nothing related to PEDs but a lifestyle around them is why I am alive today.

    Just back from Philippines and a week in HK...landed in Beijing and off to see my gf. I had noticed the past 4 days it was hard as hell to meet my 4L of water a day quota. Walking along I get dizzy and basically cannot think straight. I hail a taxi and get back to my apartment and pass out. My gf finds me there two days later and off to hospital I go. Bacterial infection picked up in Philippines set up shop in my bladder and kidneys. Acute dehydration followed and unconsciousness. If not for my lifestyle of 4L of water a day I most likely would not be here.

    The good part of all of this?

    My off cycle time is up in 3-weeks...time to tren up.

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    Is your body fat still high? If so, I don't recommend you do any AAS cycle until you can get your body fat down into the <15%. Tren is particularly harsh on bodies with high body fat.

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