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Thread: Post Cycle Bloodwork not too good - need help please!

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    Post Cycle Bloodwork not too good - need help please!

    Not sure if this needs to be in the HRT section or here.

    Just got back my test results and my Test is at 213.

    Some history:
    I am 24.
    Did my first cycle between May-July 2016.
    Sustanon 500mg Weeks 1-12
    HCG 500iu Weeks 3-14
    Arimidex .25mg daily Weeks 1-14

    PCT - 21 days after last injection
    Clomid 100/50/50/50
    Nolva 40/20/20/20

    Everything used was pharmaceutical grade other than the Test...but it was legit source.

    Pre cycle test was at 484, which already pretty low. (Unfortunately I didn't test for LH, FSH, or estro pre-cycle, so I cannot provide that info).
    On cycle (week 10) my test was at about 4000, estradiol hovering around 50, LH & FSH obviously total shutdown.
    My PCT finished right at end of August.
    I took this latest test on Monday, so about 11 weeks post PCT.
    FSH - 4.5
    LH - 2.9
    Testosterone , Total, IA - 213
    Estradiol - 24

    So, first thing is that I am going to go back and do re-test on 2 different days, and this time I am going to test using Testosterone, Total, LC/MS/ the pre-cycle and during-cycle labs were done that way. But I doubt that will make a significant difference.
    I can physically feel that my test is lower....erections only if I want it and if I focus....before it used to be all the time, even when I didn't want it lol. Slightly less energy throughout the day.
    I am not on anything other than regular vitamins and supplements as well as finasteride 1mg/daily, but I don't think that is causing anything...especially since I have been on it for a couple years now.

    What do you guys think I should do?
    Should I run another PCT?
    Should I wait it out a couple months and check again?
    Should I seek out an endo?

    I'm personally leaning on running another PCT, as it has been 3 months since the last one. Another round of HCG, clomid and nolva. If you think this is what I should do, any advice for dosages and durations of each based on my situation?

    I knew the risks, I took them anyways, and now I gotta pay for it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Honestly, I would just redo bloods and if everything is the same, see a doc. Thing is, your FSH and LH aren't low, so your testes are getting the signal to produce. Not sure why they're not. It might be Hypogonadism, which is why I think you should see a doc. Hope everything works out

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    Yea thats what I was thinking as well. LH and FSH are fairly it might be primary hypo, I really hope not.
    I will re-do labs and see if any changes.

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    It does take a while for your body to go back to "normal". For a young guy like yourself it might take 6 months or a year or never. Sorry bro, I'm not trying to scare you. Your testes isn't listening to the signals being sent to it. IMO, I think you should not self medicate a condition that's already fvcked. I'd give myself another 3 months and see if my body will respond naturally. At the end of 6 months, if nothing is happening then I would go to a doc and get professional help. It seems risky to self medicate a problem right now. You know the symptoms but not the cause so you could be just shooting in the dark.
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