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    New member question any help.

    I just took 500mg of testosterone enanthate a week for two months. How long does it take for the testosterone levels to drop to normal.

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    I would say about 3 weeks. But I read yesterday where a guy blasted 600 mgs a week for 8 weeks, then cruised on 200mgs. After 8 weeks of cruising he got bloods and his Test was still very high. I guess it depends on the individual.

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    You may never get to normal again.

    Did you run a PCT?

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    Sweet first post!

    Hello and welcome to the forums. I highly suggest reading the following links:

    and i would just guess you should read this as well lol

    Take the time to read through the forum, you will most likely answer any question you have just by using the search bar and if not there are a lot of very knowledgable people here to help. Take care mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back In Black View Post
    You may never get to normal again.

    Did you run a PCT?
    Right as in will never produce your own natural testosterone again. Not to confuse what back in black is saying with your test leveles stayin high

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